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Personal Dial-up Access Accounts

Service Features Cost
Metered-25 25 hours connect time per month. Additional usage: $1.00/hour
Two e-mail addresses.
Full access to the World Wide Web, Usenet newsgroups, IRC, FTP, Telnet, and more.
Standard, Non-metered,
No hourly limit (see note below).
Two e-mail addresses.
Full access as above.
Premium, Non-metered,
As above (Standard) including space on our web server (5 MB) for a personal web site.
Static IP address, by request.
Additional E-Mail Additional e-mail address as a separate mailbox. No charge for mail aliases on existing addresses. 1.00
Additional dial-up Additional dial-up connection (non-metered) so more than one computer can connect at the same time. 20.00

(Note: Unlimited access means you do not have to worry about usage or prime time hours; it does not mean a continuous open line. To ensure fair access to all callers we restrict usage to five continuous hours on-line, two hours off. Continuous on-line use over five hours is considered a dedicated connection.)

Ready to sign up now? Use our on-line subscription information entry page. It's simple and because this page uses our secure server you are assured complete privacy while entering your sensitive personal information. The data entered can not be viewed or retrieved by anyone but us.

If you'd just like to receive our account application form in the mail, use our Contact Form to leave your name and address.

Or, feel free to call our business office at (916) 448-1290, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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